The monument of Belgian specialty beer


A four-pack which is purely different

“The Atomium beer carrier bag has been designed

down to the smallest detail to make your mouth water!”

The Atomium Premier Grand Cru is packed in a high class carrier bag, which has a broad market appeal. The presentation of this specialty beer in a design glass with a high stem on a rocky background catches the eye of every beer lover. The clear golden-bronze color and the rich creamy head are also very distinctive characteristics of Atomium beer.

The back of the packaging features a beautiful picture of a grain field and tells you all about the unique qualities of the Atomium Premier Grand Cru. The carrier bag is made from strengthened cardboard; it has handy carrier holes and has been finished with a layer of varnish, which gives this packaging an extra touch of class. The sides of the pack are halfopen so that the label of Atomium beer and the bottles, which are typical for Belgian specialty beer, are visible. Also the crown corks with the Atomium beer logo are shown. After all, consumers like to see what they buy. The Atomium beer carrier bag has been designed down to the smallest detail to make your mouth water!


Attention is focussed on the brand's unique quality:

"the 6 grain speciality”